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SmartR platform



Managers can set up target KPIs, conduct Training Needs Analysis, and align training programs with their organization’s target objectives


Companies can choose trainers from our marketplace or use their in-house trainers.


Employees will receive access to the training courses through our website or Learn SmartR app. The app is designed for different types of training.


With the management dashboard and management reports, management will be able to track the effectiveness of their investments in training programs


Our solutions address the needs of managers, HR and individual employees

training Management system


Management tools for business owners and managers to set up their training objectives and manage the progress of their talents.

Depending on the purpose of your organization, we offer two types of portals: for partners to sell and manage their courses, and for business to manage their talents




All-in-one platform to search and decide what training courses work for their company. The marketplace is designed for trainers and training centers to list their training courses.

HR can easily outsource their training to professional trainers and experts.



Application for learners to book and track their own learning activities.

Learners can access their detailed learning profiles through our website. Learners can communicate directly to a trainer and have access to all training material and their learning history.

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For Organizations

Our solutions are designed and used by organizations of different sizes and from different industries. 

why works with us?

Our solution is trusted and used by both large enterprises and small organizations. We offer a complete solution to training from sourcing an outside trainer to tracking the effectiveness of post training and everything in-between. 

what are benefits of smartr platform?

We offer both FREE and paid versions for our platform. Our tool is developed specifically to manage training and talent development. It is the first of its kind to focus on using data-driven algorithms and AI to track the performance of employees after the training. 

what is the cost?

We offer both FREE and paid versions. For detailed pricing and benefits, please refer to your pricing list.

For Trainers

We partner with trainers, coaches and industry experts to bring the best quality training to our clients.

Why partner with SmartR?

If you currently run a training center or an individual trainer, we build this tool for you. In addition to direct access to our B2B clients, you will have full control to manage your learner. PLUS, you have the entire workspace for FREE. It is profit-sharing model, so we only make money when your course is purchased by end users.

What are requirements to apply?

It is FREE to sign up for our partnership program. You will be able to use our tools to manage your own training center. 

Yes, it is FREE listing for partners. In order to list your course on our platform, your course must meet the minimum standards to be published on the SmartR platform.

  • A unique course landing page
  • A high-quality course image (square size)
  • A course title and subtitle that includes relevant keywords
  • A course description with more than 200 words
  • Use the course description to summarize what your course covers, how it is taught, what learners will learn, and what they will gain from the course.
  • At least 03 outcomes or learning objectives
  • A complete partner bio and profile picture
  • A clear course level for the learners to know what level are they seeking for
How can I apply to be a partner?

You can register at https://smartr.co/partner/signup 

Yes, it is FREE to register. NO setup fee and NO hidden fee. 

About Us

Our mission is to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential

We love to talk everything about talent management and are eager to help. We come from different backgrounds but we share the same set of core values. Ask us about IDEA2.


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Our solution is trusted by both large organization and small start-ups

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