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Grow your talents through a personalized blended training program via

3 steps



Managers can create training programs, courses, or classes based on their organization’s needs.



Depending on the learning environment, managers can deploy training online or offline, with or without trainers.



The manager can easily track the development plan and training KPIs.

Blend different training materials and trainers

Blended learning empowers employees to take control of their professional development, with flexible and personalized learning options that cater to diverse learning styles.

  • Provide pre-session readings and online resources.
  • Engage participants in self-paced quizzes and activities.
  • Encourage discussions through online forums.
  • Invite knowledgeable speakers and industry experts.
  • Provide online tutorials and workshops led by experts.
  • Share success stories from organizations that have adopted blended learning.
  • Conduct practical workshops with in-house trainers.
  • Engage in collaborative project-based learning.
  • Offer mentorship and coaching from blended learning experts.

Easily include external resources

We collaborate with experts, professional educators, and coaches to bring result-driven and cost-effective training to your organizations development.

Customer success all around the world

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SmartR has been a game-changer for me as a professional trainer. It simplifies the course-building process, allowing me to create customized classes and profiles for each participant. The system's integrated features, like participant reviews and attendance tracking, provide valuable insights. What sets SmartR apart is its ability to track progress over time, giving me a comprehensive view of participants' growth. It's an invaluable tool that has made my training journey more efficient and rewarding.

Thijs Van Loon

CEO of Betterworks Asia


SmartR has transformed our weekly onboarding training process at SmartCredit by Shinhan. Previously, it took us two trainers and 4.5 days per week to onboard new employees. But since implementing SmartR, we now only need one trainer and 2 days. The multi-platform compatibility allows for flexible learning anytime, anywhere. The reasonable price and exceptional customer support provided by SmartR have been impressive. We highly recommend SmartR to streamline our training sessions and optimize efficiency.

Ms. Thanh Hoang

L&D Manager - SmartCredit by Shinhan Bank
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Deploy in multiple platforms

We collaborate with experts, professional educators, and coaches to bring result-driven and cost-effective training to develop your organization.

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