Gamification in training: The key to engaging and effective

Imagine employees ditching the yawn for the ‘wow’ as they tackle training with the thrill of a game. Gamification in e-learning is transforming corporate training, making it engaging, effective, and unforgettable.

⚡So, what is gamification?

Gamification in e-learning is using game theory and game mechanics, such as point systems, earned badges, and leveled tiers, in e-learning courses to engage and motivate your learners. For instance, gamification can utilize VR technology to create immersive training scenarios where employees can role-play, face realistic challenges, answer questions to earn points, and climb virtual leaderboards.

90% of companies will use e-learning as a corporate training tool in 2020. As yearly trends show, this percentage is only going to keep rising, along with the need to keep the learning process fresh and interesting for learners.


– Boosts knowledge retention

Gamification makes employee learning fun and effective by attracting, motivating, challenging, and empowering them. It’s like playing a well-designed game: you’re hooked on exciting tasks, driven to improve by clear goals and remember what you learn through engaging activities. 

– Drives deeper engagement with the training material

Gamification is more than entertainment; it leads to deeper engagement, better retention, and changes in behavior. Learners explore concepts, make strategic decisions, receive immediate feedback, and re-engage after unsuccessful attempts.

gamification in training

⚡ How to create Gamification in training courses 

When formulating your gamification strategy, ask yourself key questions such as:

  • What are the goals of this e-learning course?
  • Why is this course needed?
  • Who is the target learner?
  • What learning objective will be achieved?

From these insights, you can design gaming mechanics that will support your e-learning program’s objectives. To easily craft captivating gamified experiences, utilize tools like the iSpring Suite! With iSpring Suite, you can create interactive games, from simple to the most creative, right inside PowerPoint. With step-by-step instructions, you can easily create games that engage and educate your learners.

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