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Who are we?

With many years of experience in organizing and creating English training programs tailored to individuals and organizations, SmartR realized that the challenge of the labor workforce in Vietnam and in the South East Asia region is beyond the language barriers. In 2020, the company re-invented ourselves to adapt to the needs of our customers.

SmartR (i.e. pronounced SMARTER) is EdTech company developing skilled based Learning and Development (L&D) solutions for individual and organization.

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Our skills and personalities are as diverse as our city-wide locations,

yet we are united by our core values:  

Integrity: Do what you say you do

Drive: Live with purposes

Empathy: Understand other’s perspective

Authenticity: Be yourself

Appreciation: Be thankful

and of course, we have one mission as a company:

To support our customers reach to

their full potential in careers and lives.



What we do?

We offer the learning and development for corporations and individuals. Are you looking for solutions for yourself or for your company?

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What makes us different?

At SmartR, we apply technology solve real world challenges in Learning and Development industry. Unlike child education, adult education requires the solutions that are flexible, purpose driven and tailored to their needs.


With years of experiences in organizing both online and in person training, we see that the combination of these two teaching methodology is the solution to adult learning. Online courses are convenient for adult business schedule. Offline courses proves to be more effective in task based and hands on training.

Purpose Driven 

We understand adult learning is purpose driven. In order to motivate learners to engage and commit to the training, the training material have to be relevant. Our team partnering with companies, industry experts, and professional trainers to develop skill based training programs that are applicable in their job duties.


Each individual or each organization has different learning and development objectives. Our platform allows organization to develop their competency roadmap for their organization. And each learner has the flexibility to decide how they will accomplish their learning journey.


What do our customers say?

Is your schedule too hectic to arrange your time to take an English course?

Is improving your industrial knowledge a must for you?

We are here to provide an optimal solution exclusively for you!

Courses at SmartR are flexible for me. I can choose classes based on my schedule. I can study myself or study with trainers. 

Truong Hoang Kha

Student, PVU

I learn English and I have a chance to practice with native teachers. Practice with native teachers helps me improve listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

Anh Tuan

Director, NAHT Industrial Printing Solution

When studying with people from all over the world, I am a representative of  Vietnam to create a positive impression of Vietnam. Studying with SmartR is learning globally-standard English.

Tu Bui

Marketing Manager, BSSC

Studying with SmartR, I have improved my pronunciation and becomes more confident in speaking English.

Giang Tran

Application Specialist, iMed

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Learn SmartR App is one of SmartR’s applications that applies personalizing techniques to help users proactively choose study times, locations, subjects and interact with trainers. 

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Are you interested in being a trainer?

SMARTR is looking for organizations or individuals – coaches, speakers and content creators – who want to share experiences and knowledge to the community.


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