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 Why your company needs a training team?

Many companies have a need to setup an in-house training team to ensure knowledge transfer & retention, a solid setup to share culture & vision, and to ensure continuous growth and support for their employees and management teams. Typically, when setting up such a team, companies find it a challenge to make this team a strategic partner and instead settle for a group that merely conducts ad-hoc trainings. Setting up a solid training team costs time, effort and budget, and typically needs a proper approach.

What can you get from this?

Things to focus on when starting an in-house training organization

Strategic Tools

  • Setting a strategic vision and mission of the team
  • How to position your team as a strategic partner

Actionable Plans

  • Defining team priorities
  • Setting the right team culture – looking for staff
  • Conducting Training Needs Analysis and determine focus areas

Implementing tools

  • Testing impact and ROI of your training programs
  • Day to day management, budget and admin

Micro-learning courses

High-Impact Leader


  • Better self-awareness
  • Strong and actionable plan to develop specific leadership competencies
  • Identify your vision and goals

Leadership Skills


  • Differentiating between management and leadership
  • Building relationships and trust
  • Behavioral styles and communication
  • How to motivate your staff, and succeed as a team
  • How to give effective and fearless feedback

Critical Thinking


  • Walk away with an understanding of what critical thinking means.
  • A workbook to practice the 5 steps and examples to analyze in real life application.
  • Strategies for challenging your own assumptions and those of others.
  • Make connections for how to apply to all aspects of life, both personal and professional.


Bernard Kerveyn - Founder & Director Mekong Plus

“Our local teams are doing great in managing the projects but Thijs has helped to speak about them, to present them in a clear and attractive manner, to people with a different culture: visitors and funders. This is key for the sustainability of the teams as well as for the future of the projects.”

Jean-Paul Riby - Executive Director, TLC Global Health & Wellness Travel

“Brad has an amazing capabilities to engage with the attendees and naturally unveil a synergy between all the attendees to create a dialogue which nurture his seminar subject – Leadership. Brad is a coach of another nature which display a skill set, expertise and knowledge that is beyond expectations for external learning. His training are based on practical solutions, personal experiences, book’s references and many others to mentioned.”

Warren Eng - CEO & Founder, Leaders Create Leaders

“Megan has a strong presence when she is coaching, with an ability to hold the space for her clients to be seen and heard without judgement. I strongly believe that Megan will add value to her clients that she chooses to partner with for their coaching journey together.”

Previous Clients

Previous Training Courses


Our partners have successfully conducted training courses in different countries and helped a lot of people improved their needed skills. 

The previous training courses: 

  • Become an effortless communicator
  • Achieving your Leadership potential
  • Effective Influencing & Persuasion
  • Negotiation skills: Reaching solutions together
  • Building high performance teams
  • How to prioritize the right things in your life

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