OKR Management Workshop


13 Sep, 9 – 12 noon @ Hard Rock Cafe D1, HCMC

Develop, manage & measure Objectives & Key Results to steer your company more flexible and agile. Learn how to write good Objectives, Key Results and Actions and how to implement OKRs into your companies, teams and for your self

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OKR Management Workshop.  Learn – Breakfast – Networking with Carsten Ley & special guests Nicolas Embleton and Joan Tercero

   In this course, you will get to know the basics of the respective agile method. You will learn to develop your products and services much faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, you will get insights on self-organization and process improvement.

In our training on Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), we present an approach with which strategic goals can be implemented quickly and measurably and employees can actively participate in shaping the company.

Not only GoogleZalando and Trivago already work successfully with OKRs. More and more companies are experimenting with the introduction of Objectives and Key Results. This has far-reaching effects not only on existing processes but above all on the culture and should not be taken lightly.

In order to achieve strategic goals, it is necessary to make them measurable. Therefore, in the one-day training, we will deal with how intangible things can also be made measurable.

Just because we set goals this does not mean that we will achieve them automatically. In the training, we will thus also take a look at motivational psychology and neuroscience.

We will also be happy to share our experience in introducing OKRs in companies with you and give you valuable tips that you should bear in mind when introducing OKRs yourself.

Ticket Price: 

Regular Tickets  –  800K VND 

Wasting no more time and join us now! 

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