English for Presentations and Meetings


Learning & mastering the phrases of functional English for Presentations: persuasion, socialization, and negotiation…

WHEN: every Wednesday & Friday, starting July 20th

WHERE: 2nd Floor, 253 Dien Bien Phu, District 3 HCMC

DURATION: 24 weeks

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, an official, or a student about to graduate and want to work at multinational companies, you will need Business English for Presentations & Meetings to serve your business needs and promotion or even catch opportunities to go abroad.

It can be seen that being good at English is not enough, but the English Presentation requires you to have experience and improvement. Due to the nature of the work, you may not have much time for merely theoretical English courses without focusing on what you need. 

Let Axcela’s Business English course for Presentation & Meeting help you tackle this problem & get succeed in your workplace.

Course Structure:

❗️70 hours with Native Teachers

❗️Exclusive curriculum: is tailored based on obstacles that employees often encounter when communicating English at work

❗️100% CELTA certified teachers specialize in teaching English to adults

❗️1-0-1: Each learner has a PC to help tutor and practice using English after class hours

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