Critical Thinking in The Digital Age


In this course, we will look at what it means to think critically in all aspects of your life. We will also examine our own assumptions to think beyond things we have thought before.

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25 in stock

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Critical Thinking is among the top skills required in an ever changing digital and globalized world. The word critical comes from the Greek word, krinein , meaning “to separate,” Or more simply, to choose.

When we think critically, we think with intention. It is essential an essential skill in an ever changing, fast paced digital and globalized world.

In this course we will look at what it means to think critically in all aspects of your life. We will also examine our own assumptions to think beyond things we have thought before. Our perception of the world around us is based on our experiences. When we learn to think critically it gives us increased awareness. This allows us to examine all of the overstimulation we encounter daily in the digital age and sort through, or “separate” our thoughts into understanding what it is we really think, and how we can choose for ourselves.


  • Walk away with an understanding of what critical thinking means.
  • A workbook to practice the 5 steps and examples to analyze in real life application.
  • Strategies for challenging your own assumptions and those of others.
  • Make connections for how to apply to all aspects of life, both personal and professional.

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