Agile Leadership Practices


Rock your teams Vol. 3: Learn – Network – Breakfast

How to lead your teams more effectively through uncertain times
Do you struggle to motivate and engage your team? Is there constant tension within your team? Do you feel that the team will not get the job done unless you are involved?
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In uncertain times, the role of Leadership needs to change. Learn at our event, what you as a Manager and Leader can do to enable your team to be proactive and owning your product while also having fun. You will experience first-hand new practices & games for you and your team to be more engaged, motivated and empowered.
– Understand the uncertain and dynamic world today
– quick intro into agile and why and how agile helps in this world
– understand the role of leaders / managers in agile environments
– experience new ways of looking at leaders / managers in agile environments
– practices to apply the next day
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