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Ms. Tuyen An is well-known among the Human Resources Industry as a knowledgeable, sophisticated and versatile HR Leader and Trainer who has in-depth knowledge and diverse expertise in many different industries.

Her training always focuses on how to apply theories, academics, and practical experiences to work professionally, skillfully, flexibly and quickly.

With the motto: “Recruiting well from the first time, because the present and future of the organization depends a lot on the quality of recruitment“, Ms. Tuyen An’s training, coaching and consulting courses for the Executive Board, senior managers to students feel inspiration, energy and positive results before, during and after training.

With creative teaching methods, rich content, difficult but practical, humorous case exercises, she has contributed to providing specific solutions to overcome the talent shortage. At the same time, her way of communicating has had a great influence on renewing students’ thinking and approaches.

Passionate about Human Resources in general and Talent attraction in particular during the past 20 years from recruiting companies to leading financial and banking companies in Vietnam such as First Alliances, N.A topjobs, VPBank FC, and SCB have helped her accumulate more experience and create breakthrough values for the business.

Besides the Bachelor of Business Administration from Van Lang University, and other certificates such as CHRO, NLP, Coaching to break through successfully,…etc, she always tries to self-study, read, train and develop herself every day to lead the trend.

She always wants to impart and share her knowledge to individuals and organizations, minimizing the unwanted effects of recruitment.

Professional Certifications

• Strategic Planning _ MBA Level by Udemy, 2021

• Mercer Salary Survey by Talentnet, 2019

• Coaching for Breakthrough Success by ITD, 2018

• Master of Leadership Program ITD, 2017

• NLP in Management and Leadership by ABNLP, 2016

• Leadership Program by TUV, 2015

• CHRO by PACE Institute, 2014

• 6 keys to unlock your potential by ERC, 2013

• Fundamental C&B Management by Tower Watson, 2013

• Project Management by MQI, 2013

• Recruitment & Selection by TUV, 2012

Expertise Focus

• Talent Acquisition

• Talent Engagement

• Talent Assessment

• Talent Analytics

• Weaponizing the magnetic interview

• Management & Leadership Skills

• Employer Branding


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