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Nordic Coder provides knowledge, practical skills and advanced soft skills needed for young IT generations. With a training program designed and drawn from the experience of experts at technology companies in Vietnam and the method of learning to simulate the real working environment, NC helps students confidently become professional programming entrepreneurs in the shortest time.

NC has supported more than 100,000 IT students in Vietnam to achieve greater success in their careers and 100 technology companies to have a leading IT team.

Improve knowledge new application technology for everyone

  • The “short term” course updates new knowledge: Nordic Coder offers “short” courses suitable for all people who want to update new knowledge.
  • Advanced and useful learning content: Learn technology to apply in hot areas such as Data Science, Product development, UX design, Mar-tech, etc.
  • Flexible study time and diverse methods: Students can study (Offline) at the campus of Nordic Coder or can learn through the form of Live-tutoring with flexible study time.

Our Training Courses

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