Megan Keach

More Than a Desk came from an experience of learning exactly where I no longer wanted to be in life. I was living a life I needed an escape plan from. When I decided to make a change and take a leap of faith to step out of the comfort of my decade long career in International Education, everything changed. You see, when things change inside you the world around you changes. It is with this experience that I decided to share my experience with others.



When I first began my journey as a coach I noticed a pattern. People attend a workshop, or take a course in professional development. After attending the initial learning experience, we often walk away not knowing what to do with it. The following Monday we are back at work trying to figure out how to apply what we have learned. Has this ever happened to you? That is where growth is the key. Designing strategies and programs to allow you to gain clarity to grow with intention is at the heart of everything we do at More Than a Desk

You’ve likely seen coaches offering their services. If you are considering investing in yourself with a coach, you are probably wondering what does a coach actually do? The role of your coach is holding up the mirror to allow you to see the answers to the questions you are seeking, the things in your life you know you want and are not yet aware of or clear about. Through this process we create awareness, gain clarity and clarify your vision. The ultimate goal is your growth. Transformational coaching where we transport you from where you are to your desired destination.

 As your growth coach we do this through intentional growth. What is intentional growth? It is the process of recognizing that growth is a process that happens over time. When I first began in my coaching journey I noticed that people who wanted to grow would often struggle because we often do not know where to start. The next most common hurdle is that we have to get out of our own way. Through focusing on personal growth, we are actually promoting growth around us to happen faster. To support the people around us, to become better listeners and communicators, to be stronger leaders and team members. It shows up in every aspect of our lives. The first step is showing up for ourselves. 

In Coaching we align expectations between coach and client. It is a process where we build clarity so you are able to gain:

1. Greater self-awareness and mindset through new perspectives. 

2. Increased individual performance, productivity, and confidence.

3. Clarity on what your vision looks like and the steps needed to achieve.

4. Development of critical thinking and interpersonal skills, to support decision making.

5. Accountability and growth

I help people gain clarity through intentional growth.

Empower. Connect. Grow.

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