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About Me

Growing up, I didn’t have a strong sense of who I was. I followed the crowd and did whatever I was “supposed” to do, even if I hated it. Because I didn’t have that sense of self, I based my worth and happiness on external “achievements” and validation from others.

Now, I’m fulfilling my lifelong dreams of living abroad, not caring what others think, staying true to my core mission and values, and helping people from all over the world to unleash their true potential.

How did I get here?

It was a long journey, but I’ll give you the highlights here. After a few miserable years in corporate, I finally followed my dream of living abroad and moved to Vietnam. I thought that this new adventure would automatically make all my problems go away and I’d be living in an eternal state of bliss. LOL…wrong. I fell right back into the old patterns of self sabotage.

It wasn’t until I started becoming deeply self aware, and getting serious about breaking my self sabotaging patterns and building healthy, sustainable habits that I truly transformed.

For the first time in my life, I was speaking kindly to myself. I trusted myself. I stopped punishing myself for making mistakes. I was making time for rest and play. I became more confident, productive and energized in my business. I said no to things that didn’t fill me up and yes to things that did.

Now, I coach online entrepreneurs & young professionals from around the world to do the same

I have an obsession with studying the science of habits and behavior change, mindfulness, and positive psychology. I combine this knowledge, along with my listening and coaching skills to guide my clients to their own breakthroughs. 

In the past, I was an English teacher, where I honed my teaching, mentoring, and motivating skills. After that, I started a podcast producing business, where I experienced the challenges many online entrepreneurs face first hand.


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