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Executive Coach | Career Coach | Performance | Life Coach

Brad is a Marshall Goldsmith SCC Certified Leadership, Executive and Team Performance Coach (ICF approved). He provides executive coaching, leadership training and business skills training and consulting for professionals and medium and large businesses in South East Asia.

I have been fortunate enough to coach and train at some very reputable companies in South East Asia and I have met and been mentored by some of the most interesting and high performing people in the region.

I continue to grow our business and develop as a person. My book ‘1000 Years of Wisdom’ is nearly DONE. Life is good now but it wasn’t always so…..

I spent YEARS chronically ill (pain + depression) and had to evolve my entire being to transform and heal. It took me on a journey of discovery, growth, humility, and insight to finally reach a point where I was fully healed and able to help others! I have new purpose in life, I became ‘Repurposed’.

Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? What are your biggest goals? What is holding you back? What is the power of your true potential? Let’s discover that together!

Knowing what you want in your career, and how to get it, are products of a deeper understanding of WHO you are! Deepening your self-awareness and grooming your strengths is the pillar of ALL success in your life. Often times, business people are highly competent, organized, and driven. However, they still are missing something. That ‘secret ingredient; that they know would help them but they just can’t identify.

I work with clients, at a deeper level, to unlock their hidden potential and help them discover what they ALREADY have. Together, we can help realize your greatest personal and business goals and shape the career and life of your dreams. I WILL hold you accountable to realize your highest potential and succeed!


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