Delegation is an essential leadership skill, and delegating to a remote workforce is especially challenging, which we have to adapt to in this Covid-19 time. It is when most companies having employees to work from home, and we might do a lot of virtual delegating as we work on our projects.

Since working closely with HR Family which is a community of HR experts, we’ve had a lot of discussion towards this challenge, how to delegate when your team is working from home. And honorably, we had the sharing from Mr. Thijs Van Loon to give us some valuable tips on how to effectively handle virtual delegation.

How to delegate your team remotely: Training Summary

Simply put, delegation is ultimately about learning to trust your employees. “When working remotely, you can’t walk by their desks and see if they’re being productive,” says Andrea K. Rozman. You have to take that leap of faith. You have to believe that once you hand them the work, they will do it, and get it done on time. If you don’t trust your team members, why do you have them working for you?”

Trust is the foundation to achieve autonomy

Indeed, trust is the foundation to achieve autonomy. From that, you and your team learn from mistakes on the way, continue communicating between each other regularly and you need to give them space, get out of the way so they can grow and prove themselves to you. Would you agree to us?

This workshop about Delegation and Empowerment is the last on in the “Leading Self” series that SmartR and HR Family Vietnam running together in order to bring more values to the HR community and members of the two organizations. If you want more content like that, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will together bring new knowledge to people.

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