The COVID-19 situation has put communications in business settings at the forefront as many businesses adapt quickly to new working situations. Physical distancing measures, school closures and self-isolation rules have led to various new working scenarios, including remote work, rotating shifts and retrofitted work environments.

Noticing the difficulties, SmartR in cooperation with HR Family invited a very special guest: Mr. Thijs Van Loon to share about How to communicate and build a rapport with our teams digitally during WFH time.

Yesterday, we were grateful to have the participation of HR experts to join our online workshop with the topic: How to Communicate Digitally”. It was such an engaging session where our guests were willing to share the difficulties and also tips how to overcome some miscommunication situation with their teams.

Our participants are thankful after receiving feedback about how to show our faces in Online meetings

Here is the training summary of our 2-hour online workshop shared by Thijs Van Loon: