92% of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that candidates with strong soft skills are increasingly important.

Yes, soft skills are not the new trend, but they are never out of date. Soft skills are increasingly in demand in the modern job market and the demand for them will continue to grow till 2030, according to a McKinsey report. The SmartR team recognizes the importance of soft skills in today’s world, that is why we focus our trainings more on developing soft skills for employees within any organizations.

“SmartR is an EdTech company providing skill-based training solutions for individuals and organizations. SmartR applies technology to solve real-world challenges in the Learning and Development industry. SmartR offers online and offline courses covering a wide range of topics that include language learning, business skills, computer science, and personal development.”

Here are the training courses that SmartR and our trainers bring down to the tables for your customers:

  • 08 May: Finance for Non-finance Professionals by Luan Ly
    This training is about Financial literacy for non-financial professionals and first-time managers to get to understand the key components to improve company’s overall performance.
  • Outcome: Equipped with financial tools and knowledge to efficiently use company resources for higher performance.
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • 15 May: Leadership Engagement by Nguyen Khac Long
    This training is for specialists, managers and leaders in large and medium-sized companies who want to increase the ability to influence, inspire visionary employees of outstanding leaders.
    Outcome: Enhance action leadership, inspirational ability & team cohesion.
    Language: Vietnamese
  • 17 May & 21 May: Leadership & Management by Thijs Van Loon
    Leadership is broad. It’s not just about how to manage your team, but how to manage yourself consistently to inspire others and do well for the long term. This course is all about leading yourself and others to achieve success as a team.
    Outcome: All the tools to lead your team with success and tactics and insights to ensure your team succeeds
    Language: English
  • 22 May: Delegation & Empowerment by Thijs Van Loon
    Many managers struggle with giving their team instructions, or delegating tasks to their team members. They find it hard to give away responsibility, or want to see the task done in their way only. In this workshop, we will focus on how to give the right instructions and how to empower your employees and share responsibility.
    Outcome: A clear set of tools that allows you to check your employee type, provide the right instructions and grow trust and accountability in your team.
    Language: English
  • 29 May: Entrepreneurship Series: Ideas by Van Nguyen
    This training is for people who get bogged down by social media, busy work and meetings. You can’t focus on the right things and seem not to get anywhere. This course is for you.
    Outcome: Take home a clear idea on where to begin and how to fine tune your ideas to be ready to build a product.
    Language: Vietnamese

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