2020 was a challenging year that forced many companies to do things differently and try new things, and consequently, companies are thinking more carefully about job candidates and what are they really looking for at them. So, stepping in 2021, although this is not new, SOFT SKILLS are the key to help candidates stand out from the long list of CVs.

The new normal includes a lot more remote work, and that means that soft skills are more important than ever, with some rising to the top of recruiters’ wish lists in 2021.

Aware of the needs right there in the market, in March, SmartR is working with our trainer to develop and upgrade content to bring out the best value training courses for our customers.
Take a look at the upcoming courses this month:

  • 05 March: The Art of Selling by Thijs Van Loon
    This training is for people who struggle with selling. The ones who find it hard to connect with their customer and sell them exactly what they need.
    Outcome: Confidently go into each sales conversation with a clear goal, and a higher success rate of closing a sale.
    Language: English
  • 12 March: Productivity on Purpose by Nguyen Khac Long
    This training is for specialists, managers and leaders in companies who want to maximize productivity, manage time effectively and optimize work efficiency.
    Outcome: Walk away with a series of secrets to “get more with less”, both in resources, time and mindset.
    Language: Vietnamese
  • 20 March: Leadership Skills by Thijs Van Loon
    This training is for managers who are struggling to manage your team, how to manage yourself consistently to inspire others.
    Outcome: All the tools to lead your team with success, and ensure your team succeeds.
    Language: English
  • 21 March: Workshop Transformation Workshop by Asia PMO Vietnam
    Workshop with learnings & exercises how to focus, align and motivate your teams in your office or remotely to be more efficient and successful in 2021 and adapt to challenges fast.
    Outcome: Walk away with tools for Goals Setting by OKRs, team interaction & tools in WFH (Work From Home).
    Language: English
  • 26 March: Finance for Non-finance Professionals by Luan Ly
    This training is about Financial literacy for non-financial professionals and first-time managers to get to understand the key components to improve company’s overall performance.
    Outcome: Equipped with financial tools and knowledge to efficiently use company resources for higher performance.
    Language: Vietnamese

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