SmartR together with our trainer Thijs Van Loon is honored to have many times working with the Thakral team. The last workshop with trainer Nguyen Khac Long is for the Sales team to have a better understanding of the sales process and tactics to close deals. After that, SmartR gladly received lots of positive feedback and results from participants saying that they could apply the theories to their jobs. Therefore, this time, the workshop is expanding to a larger proportion of the company employees with Negotiation skill that is including in the series Leadership skills of coach Thijs.

“Negotiation” workshop

SmartR organized the “Negotiation Skill” workshop for Thrakral One Vietnam with our certified trainer Thijs Van Loon from BetterworksAsia. Thakral One is a technology consulting and services company focused on core business applications, banking solutions, digital technologies, and data analytics. Thakral One was founded in 1997, and their current footprint covers 15 markets across Asia Pacific and the Middle East (local offices).

Mr. Van Nguyen – CEO of SmartR – shared his valuable experiences

The training was conducted in English, however, with the help of the SmartR team, it was translated into Vietnamese. Mr. Van Nguyen – SmartR’s CEO – also shared his valuable experiences and gave examples that were related to the Vietnamese people and culture. The workshop introduced different types of negotiators and the strengths as well as weaknesses that each style has. Attendees were also learned about basic negotiation rules and a list of examples of calibrated questions for deal breakers.  Moreover, during the workshop, participants were given lots of activities to practice and homework to continuously keep track of themselves as well as prepare for the Coaching Session next week. The session will be held at Thrakral’s office on Tuesday in order to answer all the questions from learners and help them solve problems that they are facing after a week of applying what they learned.

Let’s together look back on some other moments in the training day about “Negotiation Skill” for the Thrakral team last Tuesday.

Thakral team are practicing the lessons

A group discussion

Trainer Thijs Van Loon during the workshop

Roleplay Activity

SmartR and Thakral team


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