Entering 2021 with exciting news, SmartR is honored to be a part of ‘20-21 OPEN INNOVATION FOR STARTUPS’ – one of the largest annual programs for the innovative startup community in Vietnam and Korea.

Shinhan Future’s Lab is an Innovation accelerating program with the mission to build up an ecosystem where major corporations are committed to helping startups and create a positive impact with their rich resources. The program brings startups a unique chance to approach leading companies and receive support from them. This is a win-win relationship in which startups grow and they benefit corporations. The relationship becomes a virtuous circle (Source: Shinhan Future’s Lab Vietnam Facebook)

Shinhan Future’s Lab has the commitment of Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Finance, Shinhan Securities, Shinhan DS, CJ group Vietnam, VinaCapital Grab Vietnam, and Savills Vietnam.

In this 20-21 program, together with the other 18 start-ups in Vietnam, Korea, and Singapore, SmartR is excited to get supported by our dedicated mentor – CJ Group – a South Korean conglomerate holding company striving to be the best lifestyle company.

Together with the dedicated mentor and supportive mentors from CJ, we will go through 3 stages of the program: Open stage, Innovation Stage, and Future Stage within 6 months. SmartR will make our best effort to become the winner of ‘20-21 OPEN INNOVATION FOR STARTUPS’ program

Thank Shinhan Future’s Lab again for having us this year! We can’t wait to start the journey with SFL and contribute to the greater mission of the program.

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