HR is a crucial part of every business and has been around for a long time, along with the founding and development of the company. However, in Vietnam, HR has just been considered a real profession and is given proper attention in recent years. Therefore, HR Family is a community for HR-ers founded to help provide advice and knowledge from experts in the field. Now, let’s celebrate the partnership between SmartR and HR Family!  

HR Family Vietnam

HR Family is a Vietnamese nonprofit organization that helps connect experts (from recruitment seniors, supervisors to managers and directors) with people who are trying to improve their specialized skills in the Human Resource field. HR Family has their monthly online and offline workshops on various HR-related topics. “Effective Conflict Management”, “Control your anger to conquer the team” and “The art of the professional interview” are some previous workshops that were successfully organized by HR Family.   


And next month, on December 6th, SmartR, together with HR Family, are grateful to announce the upcoming workshop “L&D Strategies for HR” with our speaker is Mr. Thijs Van Loon who has more than 15-year experience as a Mentor Trainer. Having worked at Apple and Google for most of his training career, Thijs embodies the best practices used in these companies throughout his workshops.  

More than that, we are having 02 guest speakers:  

  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Bao Tran – Ex-HR Director of DAFC, GGG, BigC, Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam  
  • Mr. Van Nguyen – Founder and CEO of SmartR  

They are going to share their valuable experience and tactics about the Learning and Development Strategies for the HR Dept.  

L&D Strategies

“L&D Strategies for HR” Workshop


If you are new to the field or you want to know why L&D is important to businesses around the world and how to create the right strategies for your company, join us this December 6th!  


SmartR is an EdTech company providing skill-based training solutions for individuals and organizations. SmartR applies technology to solve real-world challenges in the Learning and Development industry. SmartR offers online and offline courses covering a wide range of topics that include language learning, business skills, computer science, and personal development.  



L&D Strategies

Chiến lược L&D cho HR

 100.000  50.000

Time & Attention Management

 5.000.000  4.500.000

Public Speaking Fundamentals

 5.000.000  4.500.000

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