There is a lot happening in the world right now. We must look at things that we can control. There is a lot happening in the world right now. We must look to things that we can control. Essentially this means building certainty among uncertainty. When we set a goal we are essentially taking an idea and in theory, creating a plan. Getting from point A to point B is a complex process. To simplify our thinking, let’s break it down into four components to begin laying our foundation.

Premise and Vision

A willingness to assess our belief system is where awareness begins. We begin recognizing what our core values are, where they come from, and how they manifest into what we vision for our life. Empowering beliefs are equally important as the inverse, known as disempowering beliefs. Disempowering, or self limiting beliefs, are beliefs which hold us back. Beliefs which are rooted in guilt, shame and a sense of being unworthy. These create energy blocks and must be addressed before we can more forward to be empowered in our premise to build our future self into the vision we are manifesting. This stage is the hard work of introspection which lays that foundation.


Having the courage to ask for what we want. We are not bound by our self- limiting beliefs. We believe we are worthy and able to reach our full potential, and then some. This is something that is never ending throughout the growth journey. The question here is how far are we willing to go? What are we willing to sacrifice for the life we ultimately choose. All things worth doing take time, do not make the assumption things will manifest quickly.


Purpose is the most crucial aspect of any goal. Goal + Meaning = Purpose. Without purpose a goal is not sustainable. At best, it is a great idea. Finding purpose is what creates our why. Once we have established our why, no one can take that away. This is where motivation comes from. In the tough times, the why is what will keep us fighting through the tension and persisting. Purpose is the reason we don’t give up. If we look at in terms of cause and effect, our purpose-why is the cause, and our goal is the effect.


Creating a strategy is our personal call to action. Hope is not a strategy. All goals need a strategic plan in order to move into action. A goal without a strategy is like going to the grocery store without a shopping list, hungry. It never ends well. Taking action is crucial, and we need to have a plan. It begins first with the strategy, and action follows. It is a symbiotic relationship, one does not succeed without the other. The goal setting process is unique to each individual. Understanding the key indicators for establishing and implementing sustainable goals sets us up to manifest the life we desire. No one besides you has the privilege of creating your own story. This is where we lay the foundation for building certainty in business and in life. Be sure to check out our upcoming courses for even more on where to gain awareness, set goals, and move forward with intention.