What Is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a skill-based approach to learning that delivers information in small, highly focused chunks. Microlearning doesn’t include a lot of context or details, because it is not generally used to teach basic knowledge. It is the ideal way to find quick answers to specific problems.


  • Length: As the name implies, microlearning is fast. A typical module can be completed in about five minutes. However, there are no hard-and-fast rules about its length, as learning strategy expert Shannon Tipton of Learning Rebels LLC explains:
  • Focus: Each module provides a focused answer to a single problem or question.
  • Variety: Micro-learning content types include video tutorials, audio podcasts, presentations, interactions, games, scenarios, assessments, text-based job aids, and short online lessons.
  • Mobile-friendly: Content is meant to be accessed at the point of need, which makes it a perfect way to learn on a smartphone or tablet.


How is micro-learning going to benefit your business?

1. Microlearning makes the transfer of learning 17% more efficient

Researchers found that information delivered in short, focused chunks was easier to comprehend and recall than the same learning delivered in a longer, more comprehensive format. SmartR will help the employees build knowledge through customized training courses based on businesses’ needs.


2. Microlearning creates 50% more engagement

Learner disengagement and boredom kill the chances of success in an eLearning program. Microlearning is the solution to help learners continuously practice during the training and later on, they can easily apply to their job.


3. Learning in stretches of 3-7 minutes matches the working memory capacity and attention spans of humans: 

The human brain is not wired to maintain focus for hours on end. It learns better when the content is delivered in short bursts with the courses well spaced out to help cement the learning. Repetition aids retention. 


4. Reduce development costs by 50% and increases the speed of development by 300% with micro eLearning courses:

Here’s why:

  • There’s no need to pay for the instructor’s time, buy or rent physical classrooms and pay for the utilities, and spend money on classroom equipment.
  • It is easier and less time- and resource-intensive to update digital information than reprint training manuals and conduct supplementary classroom training sessions.
  • It is easier and less time-consuming to roll out microlearning courses because they are modular.

SmartR is an EdTech company providing skill-based training solutions for individuals and organizations. SmartR applies technology to solve real-world challenges in the Learning and Development industry. SmartR and our certified trainers are developing high-quality micro-learning courses that can engage learners from start to finish. We offer online and offline courses covering a wide range of topics that include language learning, business skills, computer science, and personal development. SmartR is proud to be chosen by innovative businesses such as Nor-Cal Products, Thrakral One, Getlinks, iMED, etc. and help them create training programs that fit the need of each company. 

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