In the globalized economy, English has become an international language. Whether you accept it or not, the truth is that English helps a lot of people to have better jobs, higher incomes, and thus a better quality of life. Therefore, SmartR welcomes Emas International English School to our partnership program to help Vietnamese people elevate themselves and bring the workforce to the world.  

Jimmy Ha, C.E.O and Founder at Emas International English School, has been an English Accent Reduction Coach and Soft Skill Trainer for many years. Emas is pioneering in Vietnam in the field of accent standard (Accent Reduction) and using the world’s leading method of self-study for working and busy people. Their programs have been developed and exclusively advised by the world’s accent master – Andy Krieger. Their missions are elevating Vietnamese people in the international arena with courses in English and skill-based training as well as contributing to the renewal of training methods in Vietnam. 


SmartR x Emas partnership

Last month, SmartR held an offline workshop “Introduction to Accent Reduction” with trainer Jimmy Ha for our multinational client Norcal, 71% of the participants rated the onsite workshop high to very high in terms of material and trainer. Moreover, the majority (80%) said they learned something new in the workshop and all said they could apply what they learned from the workshop to work.  

Workshop “Introduction to Accent Reduction” with trainer Jimmy Ha

With these positive responses and effective results from the workshops and programs, the team SmartR x Emas are making their mission to reality.   

Elevate yourself today! 


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Làm chủ giọng bản xứ Mỹ với Jimmy Hà


Làm Chủ Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh với Jimmy Ha


Làm Chủ Kỹ Năng Viết Tiếng Anh với Jimmy Ha


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