Leaders are people who help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new to drive the companies forward. Leadership is about mapping out where the business needs to go and “win” as a team; and it is dynamic, exciting, and also difficult to master. Thus, SmartR welcomed Brad Reed, a Certified Leadership, Executive, and Team Performance Coach (ICF approved), to join our partnership program and help leaders, as well as professionals, achieve their highest potential.

Brad Reed – Certified Leadership, Executive, and Team Performance Coach

Being a certified coach, Brad provides executive coaching, leadership, emotional intelligence, high performance, and business skills training and consulting for professionals, both medium and large businesses in South East Asia.

He has developed and delivered courses and content for major learning centers and large companies in HCMC such as INSEE, Dragon Capital, DevBlock, Siammerx, Bosch, IDH, LHSC, Bell, Walmart, and many more. He is also a co-founded Top Prospect Careers, a business that specializes in customized career development and coaching. In addition, he co-owns NTAD a company specializing in business and communications English.

Being A High-Performance Leader by Coach Brad Reed

Being a strategic partnership of SmartR, Brad brings to learners opportunities to enhance your business skills through courses like Critical Thinking, Become a High-Impact Leader, The Fundamentals of Human Motivation & Influence, and so on. Brad’s mission is to unlock individuals’ hidden potential and help them discover what they already have. Together, SmartR believes we can help realize your greatest personal and business goals and shape the career and life of your dreams.

SmartR is an EdTech company providing skill-based training solutions for individuals and organizations. SmartR applies technology to solve real-world challenges in the Learning and Development industry. SmartR offers online and offline courses covering a wide range of topics that include language learning, business skills, computer science, and personal development.

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