Coaching is a partnership, where coach and client align expectations. This process will build awareness, gain clarity, and clarify your vision. The ultimate goal is your growth.  SmartR is happy to welcome coach Megan Aderouane to our partnership program and help transport you from where you are to your desired destination.

Certified Trainer: Megan Aderouane

Megan is the founder of “More than a Desk” and an experienced Leadership Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. She is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Community Development, Motivational Speaking, and Leadership Training. Along with that, she has strong interpersonal skills as a professional with a Master’s degree focused on Globalization, with an emphasis on gender inequality in education in developing nations.

Megan believes everything in life, both personal and professional, rises and falls on personal growth, therefore, she helps ambitious humans gain clarity and find purpose through intentional growth and empowerment. 

“Here’s the thing about growth. You can be a small business owner, working in an office, or a CEO and the fact is your personal growth is the most important factor in your motivation and well-being.
When we build awareness we see the world in a different way. The things in us begin to change because clarity allows us to understand we always have a choice” – Megan shared.

In this upcoming webinar, among in the series “A SmartR You” of SmartR in September, Megan is going to coach learners the critical thinking skill with these key takeaways: 

1. Critical thinking as an essential skill in life and business.

2. Building awareness around assumptions of what we see and hear in digital media.

3. Using critical thinking skills to separate how we see the world around us. Especially in the post COVID era.

SmartR thinks that critical thinking is one of the most crucial skills in leadership, and with the help of our certified trainer, Megan Aderouane, we can help individuals and businesses drive forward.


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