Globalization “mix and match” people from different cultures and diverse backgrounds to collaborate with each other. Multinationals are penetrating into every market and corner around the world. Thus, it is important for people nowadays to prepare themselves with a global mindset that comes along with skills. However, first thing first, language, especially English, is a must-have in your list when it comes to communication with your co-workers, bosses, and partners, etc. That is why SmartR and Voxy have been working together and bringing online English courses for individuals as well as businesses that in need.   The partnership has been helping individuals boosting their careers and companies operating and expanding more efficiently.


Voxy is an innovative and flexible digital English language learning solution designed for today’s professionals that has been used successfully by over four million learners and hundreds of corporate clients around the world. The company is headquartered in New York City and has offices in São Paulo, Mexico City, and Singapore.

Live instruction from Voxy.


Voxy’s LXP is designed to foster microlearning – personalized, just-in-time, mobile access that drives engagement and knowledge retention. Their artificial intelligence-driven platform and certified teachers personalize instruction for each individual. Content and classes are automatically adapted to users’ levels and needs. Voxy’s unique approach harnesses the most effective ways adults learn, using renowned, task-based content from the real world that is added daily. Not only that, their comprehensive content catalog provides learners with the soft and technical skills they need to succeed personally and professionally, while also learning English. The Voxy Command Center and our research-backed assessments (Voxy Proficiency Assessment®) give you full visibility into the data you need to drive decisions, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.


In Vietnam, SmartR is a Voxy Certified Channel Partner. As such, we are highly trained in Voxy’s methodology, technology, and best practices around implementation and support, allowing us to provide high quality services that ensure our customers can successfully reach their English language training goals.


SmartR is an EdTech company providing skill-based training solutions for individuals and organizations. SmartR applies technology to solve real-world challenges in the Learning and Development industry. SmartR offers online and offline courses covering a wide range of topics that include language learning, business skills, computer science, and personal development.

Uyen Ho

Uyen Ho